Admission Requirements for the Child

Minimum Age Requirement: A child must be at least 33 months to enter the school and at least 45 months to join the Monday/Wednesday/Friday class.

Immunization Requirement: A child must be up to date on his/her immunizations.

Toilet Independence Requirement: A child must be fully toilet trained.  Students should come to school in underwear; pull-ups are not permitted in school. Of course, we do expect that there will be an occasional accident, and we will keep on hand a complete set of your child’s clothing should they need to change for any reason.

Requirements of the Working Parent

We depend on our parents to make our school the great place it is; as such, there are certain expectations of our parent volunteers, which are outlined below:

  • Parents rotate working in the classroom alongside our Directress. Usually, a parent will work in the classroom an average of one and a half times per month.  Working parents arrive about 15 minutes early to help set up, then monitor the students and assist the Directress throughout the day, and finally clean up at the end of the school day.
  • Co-op meetings are held on the third Thursday evening of each month, from 7pm-9pm. The meetings include monthly training and a business meeting that provides every family with a voice in the co-op structure.  These meetings provide the easiest opportunity to fulfill your training requirement (see the “co-operative” question above), and also allow you to keep tabs on what is happening with the school, from fundraising, to enrollment, to upcoming events.
  • Each family serves on one school committee (hospitality, field trip, etc.) and helps plan one class party during the school year. There are usually at least two and up to four people on any committee / party assignment, who work together to plan events.
  • Working parents are required to undergo a background check, CPR/First Aid training and a TB test.