Mrs. Heather Estes is our Directress. She holds an Elementary Education degree from the College of  William and Mary and is actively undergoing Montessori training. Before becoming Directress, she was a co-op member at Ashland Community Preschool when her daughter attended. Mrs. Estes, her husband, and three daughters live in Hanover County

In too many schools, the only place you hear the word ‘respect’ is that the children are told to respect the teacher.  At ACP, respect is in everything we do:  The children respect the adults and the adults clearly respect the children.  The children respect their environment: they handle the items in the classroom with care, they clean up their own messes, and they are given the opportunity to work with real tools and items not plastic playthings.  We respect time and space and feelings.  It is an attitude that flows back and forth between home and school.”    Kendra S., Alumni Parent


Directress Photo Courtesy Mara Dovis

Photo © 2014 Mara Dovis